Friday, September 14, 2012

HOPE Co-Op 2012-13 Weekly Updates

Please follow the Syllabus.
This is just for any additional comments.
Will be updated as needed.


Hi IEW Class,

Somehow we got a little ahead.
We did lesson 6A Yesterday.  (Damocles and the King, Sec 1 RD)

We will be back on track for the 11/5 lesson, as it was going to cover 2 weeks.  Now it will just be lesson 6B instead of both.

10/22  Lesson 6A
10/29  No class.  Work on vocabulary cards at home.
11/5    Lesson 6B
11/12  Lesson 6C  (Back on Schedule)

Reminder- there is no class next week on 10/29.
Make this the day to put together your vocabulary cards.
Find the vocabulary list in the Teacher Book for All Things Fun and Fanciful.
Get a pack of Notecards.
Photo copy the vocab word and definition, and glue the word on one side, and the definition on the other.  (or have them write it down.)
In one hour, you should be able to get the entire year vocab words done... ready to study.

Also, everyone is doing great on their papers.
I tried to hand back everyone's papers so they could see how they were doing.
Please make your best effort to mark your own papers... (underline the dressups, and label in the right margin.)  Mark your sentence starters in the left margin.  I have a sample of how to do this on my blog.

Thanks for all your great effort!

Ms. Candi

Sample Paper:

Goals for Our Class:


Week 9/10/2012

Hi IEW Elementary Class!

So, our first class went great!
We have a homework assignment due on Monday.  Don't worry.  It's not terrible.
They need to complete the Key Word Outline for "Life Preservers", and turn it in.  If you and your child are familiar with IEW, you can also write this paragraph out to turn in.  If this is your first experience, just complete the Key Word Outline.  See the teachers manual attached below.  

I've put together dates for each lesson.  Please visit my blog for more helpful links for this class.  This is where I will be posting any updates for the class, etc. during the school year.

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