Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Christmas Eve poem

A Christmas Eve Poem... to keep your kids in bed!

Two little boys lay wide awake,
once on a Christmas Eve.
Though their mother has tucked them safe in bed,
and kissed and covered each curly head.

They only played make believe.
We'll lie awake and watch for Santa Claus,
and we won't make any noise.
And we'll hear him drop from the chimney top,
said those naughty little boys.

Soon the house grew lonely, dark, and deep,
and the fire died in the grate.
The clock on the mantel said,
"Tick-tock, Tick-tock, I know, I know."

The chair in the corner looked like a ghost
with clothes all over it spread.
They wanted to scream but they couldn't speak,
for they heard the stairs go creakity, creak,
like the goblins going to bed.

Soon down the chimney came Santa Claus,
fresh from his snowy sled,
but they thought him a ghost from the goblin crowd
and all together they screamed so loud
that they frightened him away.

And they never got anything for Christmas!

A poem remembered by Joy Smith, shared by her mother, Norma Saunders on a Christmas Eve.  - Author unknown.  Picture by Tate Lehenbauer.

I had to post this Christmas Poem.  My mom has it memorized, and would say it every Christmas Eve to us kids to scare us into not coming out of our rooms on Christmas Eve.  I thought it was time to write some of these traditions down.  Somehow I feel like one of the Grimms brothers, trying to capture all of the songs and poems that my family has cooped up in their heads for generations.  Hope you enjoy it! 

Merry Christmas!