Thursday, June 30, 2011

Accountable Kids Program Variation

<em>Accountable Kids Child</em> Kit
We've been using the Accountable Kids program for about 3 years now. After the first year of turning cards for everything, we adjusted the cards to look something like this.

I put all morning, afternoon, and evening items on a single card. I laminated it with packing tape for durability. I added post-it tabs that can be changed easily to specify what the individual goal is for that specific area.

Also Bonus Bucks... my little ones always seemed to knock them down, or change them, and they would be wrong more than right. I laminated the top part of this card, and the bottom is able to be written on with pencil. A tally mark is a bonus buck. Each child earns a different amount for a bonus buck, depending on age... so I wrote what they make and when they were promoted on the card also.

I still love this program. Actually, I love the Special Dates with my kids. It motivates them, and it motivates me to look for the good they do. We also got rid of earning tickets for everything... however, they know that they can't watch tv, or go play with friends, etc. without having their morning or afternoon stuff done, and cleaning up. So, technically, we still are doing it. I'm just not handing them a ticket. I have 5 kids 10 and under, and that was way too much work to stay on top of. This way, we check at the end of the day. If they did it, they earn a sticker, and the rest is history!

Just wanted to share my variation... because, it would have been helpful to me to see this working in other families when we started off.