Monday, August 1, 2011

The Homeschool Planner

Every year it seems I re-invent the Weekly Planner for our Homeschooling adventure.  This year's invention is going to be for each child to keep track of their own schedule, by marking off what they did each day.  They circle the day of the week at the top, and then put a check mark by the things they've done.  For our Portfolio Review, we need to show what we've done each day in each subject, so this is how we are going to accomplish it this year. 

We follow the Accountable Kids program... (see other post).  The Morning, and Evening Routines come from this.  We reward the kids after 10 days of getting everything done with a Special Date with a parent.

Click on each image to see full size:  8 1/2 x 11
Print the first page back to back.
The second page is the title page.

Place in a Mead, 3 Prong folder.  It's designed to fit perfectly inside one of these.
Also, it can be taken easily with you if needed.

MEA34030 - Folder,w/ Pocket and Flap, 3-Prongs, Assorted

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