Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Books I Recommend Frequently

These books are typically viewed as homeschool books, but I recommend them to everyone.  My job as a mother is to educate my child.  Whether or not they go to school somewhere else, it is still my responsibility to make sure they get a good education.  A lot of these books have inspired me to use time while driving, or while preparing meals to educate myself, and my children.

The importance of reading classics, and of viewing life as school, rather than a set period of time in a building.

This one I think is the "Bible" of Homeschooling, well, at least it was to me when I was first starting.  It was daunting to get through at first.  I felt like I would never measure up, but now 6 years later, I see that her suggestions have stayed with me, and I pick more and more of them as time goes on to implement into my routine.

(Audio CD's All 4 volumes)

We use our car to homeschool, as well audio books for quiet time during the afternoon.  Especially with a non-reader in our home still, these are full of interesting information.  Good for any age, and targeted for children. 

Made me think more about what kinds of music I expose my children to on a regular basis.  We have Suzuki piano & flute CD's, Beginning piano classics like Beethoven and Bach on CD, and concerts of Andre Rieu, as well as the 3 Tenors that we watch frequently.  My sister in law loves the Yanni concerts.  She's the one who inspired me to open the door to the classics during "down time".  Also, the kids can see people performing in an orchestra, and loving it.  Makes it more attainable as a goal to be good at it one day.

For Pre-schoolers.  Has great suggestions of classic children's books to read, and mini-lessons that are fun to do together.  These are the books that my little ones love, because they remember us doing things together with them.

Poetry Memorization Audio CD and Book from IEW (The Institute for Excellence in Writing).
These poems are great.  They are classic ones, that you wished you had available on CD.  The more you listen to them, the better your language skills increase.  Reciting a poem has become easy when we listen to them daily.  I pick a couple and play them until we get them.

This last one is not a book...
it's a favorite talk from church on being a woman.
I love it so much.  I've referred to it many times, so I find it appropriate to list it here.

Monday, July 11, 2011

4 R's Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Righteousness

Binder Covers & Spines for Classical Education Notebook Binders.

Click on the image to enlarge it. On spines, it works better if you print it on cardstock and fold in half to insert into binder. The dashed line is to write your child's name on it.

3 R's, & 4 R's of education & homeschool.

Liber-ty Quote inspired by Thomas Jefferson Education, by Oliver DeMille. Liber & Public Virtue