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4-H Boca Buddies Science Olympiad 2016

Boca Buddies now has a new website:  Visit

Elementary Science Olympiad at FAU. Grades 3-5.  

This was SO AWESOME last year.  I SO, SO, SO want to do this again.

24 schools signed up last year.  It was amazing! These were our results from last year...

Fossils                  1st Place      Cole & Mary
Straw Egg Drop   6th Place     Angelic & Sarah
Crime Busters     8th Place      Mary & Paula
Water Rockets   10th Place      Liam, Jessica & Sebastian
Cool It                13th Place     Lily & Grace

I combined all of our scores, and divided it by number of participants and came up with a total score.
Overall, we ranked about 14th place out of 24 Teams.  They did not give me this number.  I calculated it myself, so if there was a tie somewhere in there, it may be a little different.  This is our "UNOFFICIAL" ranking.  :)

2016 Season:  Saturday, April 16, 2016
FAU Science Buildings and Lawn
8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Most kids participate in 2 to 3 events during the day.  Events end around 3:00 p.m., and judging takes place around 5:00 p.m. after all of the scores have been calculated.  A parent needs to be present when their child is on campus at all times.  You do not need to stay for the whole day, but are encouraged to do so.  We will have a classroom inside FAU as a home base, as well as camp chairs and blankets outside.  Families and siblings are invited to come and have fun on the lawn!  Bring drinks, snacks, chairs, shade, frisbees, and balls.  It's a blast!

For our team:  I would like to have this be a 95% work at home event.  You would coordinate the events you would like to do with me, choose your team mate, meet together once or twice a week with your team mate, and prepare yourself for your events.  It is possible to use some of our time at Friday Co-Op during lunch, or from 1:30 to 2:00 p.m. to practice on events under parent supervision. You can choose the same team mate for each event, or pick different team mates.  It's up to you!  Our total number of team members can not be more than 12.  It would be nice to have 2 more kids as back up just in case.  Last year we had a few who couldn't make it due to Sports Championships and illness.

Link to read more about it:

I've already registered!  We're doing this!  Spread the word... I need 12 super motivated kids and moms!

$20 per kid to pay the entree fee.  
12 kids in 13 events.  1 event has 3 kids, all the rest have 1-2 kids.
$10 4-H Registration 
$1   4-H Parent Registration
$10 T-shirt  (optional)
$10 Parent T-shirt (optional)
     Total = $40 per kid  + $11 for parent

Registration for 4-H:
     Register on  MUST BE DONE BY MARCH 10th. (At least 30 days before event.)
     Please be sure to list Palm Beach County at all times, even if you live in Broward.
     Club Name:  Boca Buddies
     $10 for children
     $1 for adults
     You need to create a family profile, then add yourself, then add child.  This takes about an hour.
     Registration needs to be for one adult in the family, and for the child participating in the event.
     List projects as Science.
     Payment to Candi.  Please mark your payment with a note or an envelope with name on it.

This was our first year in the photos below, so we didn't know quite what to expect.  It was so cool to see everyone walking around in their Team T-shirts.  Mom's and Dad's had them on, and so did all of the kids.  It was really exciting. 

Team Members for 2016:
Place Guaranteed if you are registered and paid for 4-H and Olympiad.

     Name/ Grade                 4-H Member        Olympiad Fee     Youth T-shirt       Parent T-shirt
                                                   $10 / $1                    $20                             $10                      $10
1.  Cole, Grade 4                    Yes, Paid                    Paid                           Paid                     Paid
2.  Sebastian, Grade 3          Yes, Paid                                                       Paid                     Paid
3.  Enzo, Grade 4                   Yes, Paid                   Paid                            Paid                     Paid
4.  Mary, Grade 5
5.  Liam, Grade 3 
6.  Zackary, Grade

Preferred if you choose a mixture of Build/Knowledge events, not all of one kind.  You are free to study all of them on your own. 
I place a #1 next to the name if it is their most preferred event.
I place a ? next to the name if I am suggesting a place for them.  Confirmation needed.

It takes quite a bit of shuffling to get everyone into an event their excited about.   When the list is complete, then you'll know you're set for the event.  Right now, we're just trying people out in events.
By the way, Cole was placed in the Fossils event last year because no one else wanted to do it.  That happens to be the one he won first place on, and is NOW his favorite subject.  That was not the case when we started.  :)  Mary jumped in a week before the event to be his partner, because he had none.  Amazing how it all worked out in the end!

Events:                                      Type:                         Team Member:          Team Member:        Backup:
1.  A is for Anatomy                Knowledge
2.  Bridge Building                 On site build
3.  Egg Drop                             Pre-Build                        Enzo #1                        Cole 
4.  Energy Lab                         Pre-Build                                                                                                   Enzo
5.  Food Science                      Knowledge
6.  Mystery Packaging           On site build                                                                                               Enzo
7.  Mystery Powders               Knowledge/Lab             Mary ?
8.  Picture This Weather (3) Knowledge                      Cole ?           Enzo ?   and Sebastian ?
9.  Rock Hound                       Knowledge                      Cole #1                        Enzo ?  Mary ?
10.  Solid, Liquid or Gas        Knowledge
11.  Starry, Starry Night         Knowledge
12.  Water Rockets                  Pre-Build                        Enzo #1                        Cole
13.  Who ... Be a Biologist     Knowledge

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

4-H Boca Buddies 2015/16 Information

Boca Buddies now has a new website:  Visit

Boca Buddies,
As we are all homeschoolers, we will simplify by just using the HOPE Homeschoolers Friday Co-Op Handbook for our guide.  4-H guidelines are very similar, and can be found at

HOPE Homeschoolers Friday Co-Op Handbook

New Members:
1.  Register on
     Please be sure to list Palm Beach County at all times.
     $10 for children
     $1 for adults
     You need to create a family profile, then add family members.  This takes about an hour.
     Payment to Candi.
     For projects:  We are doing Science and Discovery, and Art.  You can also choose Photography. Anything you are very interested in.  Lesson packets are available at the 4-H office in WPB for any additional materials you would need if you wanted to learn something as a family.  The reason we pick about 3 projects is because sometimes you may be interested in participating in a competition during the year, and you must be registered for that project to participate.  Our club is focusing on Science and Discovery and Amphibians. Amphibians for some reason is not listed in the drop down boxes.

2.  Print off Friday Co-Op Registration Packet and give to Candi.
     Friday Co-Op Registration Packet

3.  Recommended:  HOPE Homeschoolers Membership.
     Membership IS required for Choir and Classical Education classes held on Co-Op day.
     4-H, HOPE membership is recommended but not required.
     I personally love going out for Mom's Night Out, the Christmas Tea Party, and the          
     Graduation/Promotion Night.  Emails and opportunities emailed, plus members list.
     I always register for FPEA too through HOPE.
          HOPE Website

          HOPE Website Membership Page

3.  Supply Fees:  
     Full Year:  $30
     Semester 2 Only:  $17
     Cost for supplies is $1 per class, plus $5 for thank you gifts to our Community Center.
     Please attach a note when you pay money, or put it in an envelope with your name.
     I keep track of all money paid in my Co-Op binder.  Help me by having your money labeled.

4.  Field trips:  All field trips are extra.  Please bring cash, RSVP early, and arrive on time.  :)

5.  What to bring to class:
     4-H Binder
     Pens/ Pencils
     Glue stick
     Any copies you need for class that day.

10:45 a.m.  Arrive
11:00 a.m.  Announcements / Pledge / Speeches
11:15 a.m.  Cloverbud, Jr, and Intermediate Classes
11:45 a.m.  Clean up
12:00 p.m.  Lunch
12:30 p.m.  Singing time with Ms. Fran

Teaching Printouts:

Amphibians Part 1

Amphibians Part 2

Boca Buddies now has a new website:  Visit

Record Books:

We are all working on making a binder for the end of the year.  There is a banquet at 4-h for those who turn in their binders.

Here are the links to download the Record Book reports for each age category.  When you select the link, the form may automatically download.  You may need to go to the download icon on your web browser and open the document.  The forms may also be found under Project Book resources on the county website 

Cloverbud Report    (Ages 5–7 on Sept. 1st)  
Junior Report  (Ages 8-10 on Sept. 1st)          
Intermediate Report     (Ages 11-13 on Sept. 1st) 
Senior Report   (Ages 14–18 on Sept. 1st)        

In addition, each year members have the opportunity to submit a Junior, Intermediate or Senior Portfolio for Outstanding Member of the Year.  One youth in each age category will be selected for this prestigious honor.  (If you are a Senior member who has already complete your portfolio for a scholarship or state award, you can resubmit your portfolio for this county award.)    

Junior and Intermediate Portfolio         
Senior Portfolio                                          

4-H 2015/16 Semester 2 Schedule

Boca Buddies now has a new website:  Visit

SEMESTER 2: Biology, Amphibians, and Earth Sciences

Speakers:  2–3 Minute Prepared Speech on anything we are learning in 4-H this year.
Teacher CB:  Clover Buds Co-Teacher with Candi L.
Teacher Jr. /Int.:  Jr. and Intermediate Co-Teacher with Maria R.

The LESSON PLANS listed below are just suggestions of what to teach about.  Please review the possible material, and then plan a 30 minute lesson using the suggested materials or other related materials.

TEACHERS:  Please email Candi by Wednesday if you need any materials printed off by students for Friday's class.

Jan 8, 
Speaker:   None
Teacher CB: Candi
Teacher Jr. / Int:  Candi
Lesson:  Art

Jan 15, 
Speaker: Emery L.,    
Teacher CB:  Marcia K.
Teacher Jr./ Int:  Maria R.
Lesson:  Amphibians #2:  Ch. 1, Activity 2, Camo-frog

Jan 22, 
Speaker:  Lindi L.,      
Teacher CB: Ana M.
Teacher Jr. /Int:  
Lesson:   Amphibians #4, #5:  Ch. 1, Activities 4 and 5, Amphibian Skin and Populations

Jan 29
Speaker: Leo R.   
               Tate L.
Teacher CB: Candi
Teacher Jr. /Int.: Marcia K.
Lesson:  Amphibians Ch. 3, and different types of frogs:
              CB will focus on learning about different types of frogs.

              Jr. / Int. will focus on Ch. 3, Amphibian Crisis Ad Campaign

Feb 5, 
Speaker:  Megan B.   
                Enzo R.
Teacher CB:  Risa R.
Teacher Jr. /Int:
Lesson:  Amphibians Water #1, #2:  Ch. 2, The Amazing Sponge and From Faucet to Frogs
              Science Discovery, pg. 43–44.  Good to the Last Drop

Feb 12, 
Speaker:  **Andrew R. (reschedule)
Teacher CB:
Teacher Jr. /Int.: Marcia K.
Lesson:  Amphibians Water, Ch. 2, Where Does My Water Go?,
              Science Discovery, pg. 45-56.  Good to the Last Drop

Feb 19, Fieldtrip, 9:45 a.m. Meet.  Tour Starts at 10 a.m. prompt.
              Water Treatment Plant in Boca Raton on Glades Rd.
              We can only have 25 people total attend this field trip, including parents and younger siblings.  Younger siblings will not be allowed on the catwalks, and must remain with parents at all times.  This is a great opportunity.  I attended this field trip 5 years ago and really enjoyed it.  You get to see the behind the scenes of how they clean and process the water.  RSVP to Candi.  Cost is Free I believe.

Feb 26
Speaker: Katelynn K.  
Teacher CB: Maria R.
Teacher Jr. /Int.:  Marcia K.
Lesson:   Ocean Floor
               Pot-pouri:  Continental Shelf, Abyssal Plains, Mountain

Mar 4, 
Speaker:  Megan K.   
                Joseph E.
Teacher CB:
Teacher Jr. /Int.:
Lesson:   Earth Atmosphere

Mar 18
Speaker: Jay Lee E.    
               Nicholas H.
               Andrew R.
Teacher CB: Risa R.
Teacher Jr. /Int: Andreia H.
Mineral Identification

Apr 1, 
Speaker:  Caleb K.
Teacher CB: Nellie E.
Teacher Jr. /Int: Andreia H.
 Lesson: Mineral Identification

Apr 8, 
Speaker: Ethan R.
Teacher CB: Ana M.
Teacher Jr. /Int:Risa R.
 Lesson: Weather / Compass

Apr 15, 
 Speaker: Robi Max M. 
                Tabitha J.
Teacher CB: 
Teacher Jr. /Int:
Lesson: Compass / Weather

Apr 22, Parent's Night

Evening Apr 22, 2016. 6-9 p.m.  4-H, Classical and Choir Parent's Night:  
Make a poster and display.  Speeches, Choir, Food and Fun!

FYI: Evening Apr 29, 2016. 6-9 p.m.  Gavel Club Parent's Night.

Science Discovery Series 1:  We were using this for Semester 1, and some of Semester 2.
Pot-pouri:  If you have something you'd like to share on the subject… go for it!  A few of our lessons are this way.

1. Emery 
2. Lindi 
3. Leo 
4. Sebastian 
--5. Katrina 
6. Megan 
7. Joseph 
8. Jay Lee 
--9. Alayna 
10. Katelynn 
11. Megan 
--12. Daniel 
13. Ethan 
14. Robi Max 

Junior 4-H
1. Nicholas
2. Enzo 
3. Andrew 
4. Samantha J.
--5. Cole 

Intermediate 4-H: 
1. Tate 
--2. Bobby 
--3. Liam 
4. Caleb 
--5. Gabriela 
--6. Samantha O.
7. Tabitha 

Senior 4-H: Age 14–19
--1. Sydney 
--2. Olivia 

-- Indicates they are only participating in field trips and extra 4-H events.