Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grammar & IEW Schedule 2011-12 Semester 2

1/10     Week 13    Lesson 14    Declaration of Ind.
1/17     Week 14    Lesson 15    Declaration of Ind. 2
1/24     Week 15    Lesson 16    Declaration of Ind. 3
1/31     Break

2/7       Week 16    Lesson 18    American Revolution Biography
             • Pick 3 sources (books).  Take notes on all 3 sources.  Fuse 2-3 paragraphs.  2 for younger.  3 for older.  Rough draft due next week.  Final draft due by last day of class (4/17) for Oral Report on 4/20.

2/14     Week 17    Lesson 25    Bill of Rights - Creative Writing
              • Level A- 1 paragraph.  Level B- 3 to 5 paragraphs.  Only spending one week on this paper, so final draft due.  We skipped ahead a few lessons, so don't panic- as there are new dress ups and sentence openers that we haven't introduced yet.  Try your best.  www.asia clause is any of the words in a sentence, and -ing opener would be starting a sentence, (ie. Amazing grace was shown...) Be sure to mark your papers like the Evil Ka-wevil example in the margins, with a highlighter, and bold.

2/20     Week 18    Lesson 26    Francis Scott Key - Creative Writing
2/28     Break- End of Quarter 3

3/6       Week 19    Lesson 27    Lewis and Clark - Critique Model
3/13     Week 20    Lesson 28   Lewis and  Clark 2  (skip lesson 29 and 30)
              •  Memorized Punctuation Rule #14
              •  We are not coming back to the Lewis and Clark lesson, so continue through lesson 30.  Pick and choose which parts are relevant to the paper.  Focus lesson 28.  (Avoid saying you, I, my, etc.).
              •  Final Checklist:  pg. 163 for Level A.  (Level B, add 2 more paragraphs Final Checklist pg. 167).  8th grade and up, is Level B.  6th grade... we're focusing on Level A for this paper.  Please make sure that all papers are written about Lewis and Clark from our IEW book.  Not from other sources.  We skipped those lessons.
              • Vocab Cards:  We cut out all of them.  For the Review test, you can review the actual test with your child to make it a little easier to study them.  We added about 12 new words this week instead of the regular 4.   Review all of the vocabulary cards for the Final Test.  We will be taking the Final Quiz twice.  The first time will be a warm-up.  3/27  and 4/17.

3/20     Break (Spring Break- Mar 19-23)

3/27     Week 21    Lesson 31   Oregon Trail - Writing from Pictures
             •  Final Vocabulary Test Game
4/3       Week 22    Lesson 32  Alamo- Descriptive Poetry
4/10     Week 23    Lesson 33  Oregon Trail 2- Writing from Pictures
             •  Final Vocabulary Test Warm-up
4/17     Week 24    Lesson 34  California Gold Rush- Haiku
              Final Vocabulary Test will be today.

4/20     Parent's Night- 7-8:30 p.m.
             Oral Report (American Revolution Biography from Week 16)
             (S- Betsy Ross, J- Martha Washington, B- Benjamin Franklin (life), T- George Washington, M- Benjamin Franklin (scientist), A- Molly Pitcher.)

** Prepare a memorized oral report on the American Revolutionary War.  Come dressed as the person you are talking about, or have something fun to share.

**  IEW Lessons 19 - 24 focus on Formal Reports and Essays.  Older students can continue these lessons at home if desired.  Recommended for 7th grade and up.

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