Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Classical Education Co-Op 2014-15


We are utilizing the following curriculum:
Foundations — Classical Conversations, Cycle 3, 2014-15

(CC Curriculum and Co-Op teaching.  Tuition = helping hands.)
Cycle 3 US History

CLASSICAL CONVERSATIONS, Cycle 3(Foundations Program)

 Timeline* & Presidents*
 Classical Conversations ipad ap (Creation through Modern America)
All US Presidents
 History Facts*
US History
US States & Capitols, Bodies of Water, Prominent Features
Science Facts*
(12 weeks Human Body), (12 weeks Chemistry)
Skip Counting, Multiplication Tables, Geometric Formulas, Alegebraic Laws, Conversations
Eng. Grammar*
John 1: 1-7
John 1: 1-7
Science (experiments & projects)
Fine Arts
TBA, Tin Whistle
**Optional Memory Master track, where a student strives to memorize all information.

The material taught in Foundations 
is divided into three cycles: one cycle 
per year for three years. Each cycle 
consists of 24 weeks of memory work.

*Classical Education Co-Op Curriculum
They have great ipad/iphone aps for Cycles 1 and 2.  Waiting for Cycle 3 to become available.
• Foundations Guide  (or memory cards.)
• Geography trivium for Cycle 3 per child
• Timeline Song
-- Nice to have:  Cycle 3 Memory Songs.  If the ap does not become available soon enough, you'll want to purchase this.
You can purchase all of this material at the website.  Visit their bookstore.

This is NOT an official Classical Conversations group.  I love the Classical Conversations curriculum.  Our family was part of an official group our first year.  We have been doing it on our own for the last 5 years.  I think it works well with our family, and it allows us to mix with other families too.  We do not charge money for this class.  It is Co-Op style, which means you can contribute by helping instead.  I do have my own faith statement.

Lunch and Snacks

• Please bring a small snack that can be easily eaten during the morning CC time. We only have 5 minutes for snack.

• Nice to bring a water bottle with your child's name on it.

• Please bring lunch for your own family to eat directly after CC. This time is important to build relationships with each other, and catch up on non-CC topics. It helps us keep talking on subject during the day if we know we have this time to catch up later.

• Please keep in mind that parents are always responsible for their children's supervision.
Below are some ideas to keep lunch time activities refreshing:

• Qtr 1: - 
• Qtr 2: Bring basketballs
• Qtr 3: Bring jump ropes and soccer balls 
• Qtr 4: Bring running shoes and hula hoops 
• Rainy days: board games and chess

Facility Care

It's always a good policy to leave somewhere better than when you came. This is a great opportunity to teach our children service through example as we care for the homes that are hosting our co-ops. It is not required, but really appreciated.

Sick Child Policy

Does your sick child have any of these symptoms? If so, most providers indicate your son or daughter should stay at home until the illness is no longer contagious and the child feels well enough to return to school or be around other youngsters.

• Fever above 100oF and looks and acts ill 
• Signs of possible severe illness such as uncontrolled coughing, 
• difficulty breathing, wheezing, persistent crying, or lethargy 
• Diarrhea 
• Vomiting; once a youngster has vomited, most health providers
require that your sick child does not return to school for a
minimum of 24 hours 
• Any sort of rash, especially when accompanied by a fever or
behavior change

While having a sick child is a hardship for most families, it is important that parents enact the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”

Thank you for considering these recommendations and implementing them for your children this school year. Remember that washing hands OFTEN is the best way to reduce the chance of sickness spreading.

Expectations for a Learning Environment

Your children are going to learn an amazing amount of information this year. They will grow spiritually, socially, and academically as they interact with God's Word and other children.

Our method of tutoring is modeling. Tutors demonstrate to both the students and their mothers various methods of memorizing grammar from all major subjects. These techniques are then practiced with the students so that they know what to do when they go home. You as the parent, however, are still primarily responsible for the education of your child.

We are all making sacrifices in order to provide a positive and fun learning environment. We need to be patient as the program develops over the year.

We need to remember that there are many ways to accomplish a task. The person who is designated the teacher for a certain subject is the teacher. Please be respectful to her and her preparation by letting her be in charge, and by not talking to other parents during class. It is very distracting to the teacher and the students. Should the teacher be disrupted by parents socializing, she may comment on “How nicely the children are behaving today!” This is your cue to that she is asking the parents to be quiet without the children knowing.

Please be alert to giving hands-on assistance (i.e. passing out or collecting supplies, assisting with children's science or fine arts projects, etc. to the Teacher during class.) If an offense is made one to another, among the students or the adults, then please approach the Teacher privately.

Cycle 3 Helps

John 1 Song (Music Version)

Friday Co-Op 2014-15


This is still a work in progress....

Excited to announce that we will be located at the Community Center this year!
Our room is located right next to a playground for our Pre-school aged siblings.  Hoping to take turns watching little ones if it gets distracting.  The room is also big enough that if a mom wanted to do "5 in a row" curriculum, or a little craft, it would be easy to have them there with us over to the side.

12 weeks before Thanksgiving, starting the first week of September.
12 weeks after the first week in January, with a break half way through for a week.

HOPE Homeschoolers
We hope everyone will join HOPE Homeschoolers.  It provides so much more than I can provide on my own for this Friday Co-Op.  Who we are.. How and Why to Join.
Community, Directory, Email, Online Meetings, Mom’s Night Out, Field trips, Co-Ops, Clubs,
Promotion/Graduation Night, Used Book Sale.

Classical Education Cycle 3
Classical Education Co-Op using the Classical Conversations Foundations Curriculum

15 min. Announcements
30 min. New Grammar Introduced
30 min. Grammar Review Games
30 min. Art/Sign Language

*Need to purchase curriculum.  See below.
This is a free Co-Op which means you help instead of pay.

Middle / High School
No Fear Shakespeare group being started for Grades 6+ that would meet at the same time as the CC Foundations group.  More info to come later.  A Biology lab review is later in the afternoon.

Toastmasters International
Public Speaking Youth Leadership Program  (Middle/High School)
11:30 a.m. Fridays
We will be hosted by the local chapter of Toastmasters International, which means that this program will be FREE!  It is a community outreach opportunity to them.  My husband will also be working closely with us as a fellow Toastmaster for the last 3 years.

The program works best with about 15-20 participants.

Semester 2:   Gavel Club which is a free version of a real Toastmaster group.  This means that there will be leadership opportunities for the kids.  Thinking of having elections for Semester 1, and Semester 2 to give more the opportunity to try new roles.

Mini Toasters Public Speaking for K–5/6
If we have a large turn out of K-5, I will break them apart and do a separate Oral Report time for them. I have a rubric that I have been using for a few years that is fun and easy to do.

Elementary Science Olympiad
Fun Science Experiments.  Competition at the end of the school year with other schools.

Mom's Support Group
Kids Socialization
One of the best reasons to have a Co-Op is so that you don't feel so lost.  Bounce ideas and ask questions of other homeschool moms.  Pack a lunch, or go grab some local fast food (Wendy's is close by.)  Definitely Stay!  This time is vital for you to feel like you are part of the group.

Looking forward to a new and exciting year this fall!  New families, and new opportunities to learn and to grow!

Ms. Candi