Thursday, April 5, 2012

Classical Education Co-Op Cycle 3 Year End Program

Fri. Apr. 20, 2012
Program 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Community Center

Invite friends and family.  Also, anyone interested in joining us next year.

To Bring:
•   Oral Report (Have a visual aid to share and make this your best oral report of the year.)
•   Photographs of Semester 2 to share as we mingle (on poster board, or scrapbook, etc.)
•   Narnia Props
•  Artwork and Projects from Semester 2  (Georgie O'Keeffe canvass & Periodic Table are home.)
•   Friends
•  Lite Refreshments- Red,White & Blue Cupcakes & snacks

We have a room in the Community Center from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Welcome and Intro
Pledge of Allegiance

Week 23- Preamble
Week 16- Immigrants
Week 15- Theodore Roosevelt
Week 14- Vanderbilt

John 1:1- AK
John 1:2 and 3- TL
John 1:3 and 4- BW
John 1:5- JW
John 1:6- CL
John 1:7- SL

John 1:1-7  AK
Romans 1:16  BW

Oral Reports
BW -  Benjamin Franklin
AK -  Molly Pitcher
SL -  Betsy Ross
TL - George Washington
MS - Benjamin Franklin
CL -  The American Flag

Geography- Show on map
Week 22- Deserts - JW
Week 15- Great Lakes - TL
Week 19- Trails - SL

Week 13- What is the atomic number-  Boys
Week 14- What is an element-  Girls
Week 15- What are the parts of an atom-  CL

Week 4- Verb Forms - All
Week 16- To shake - All
Week 14- To break - All
Week 17- To go - All

Week 19- 5,280 - EL
Week 22- Commutative Law - TL

US Presidents Song

Song to memorize the US Presidents

Chronicles of Narnia 15 min. Play
(Not a regular Classical Conversation program item.  Optional Afternoon Enrichment Class)
Written by Ben

Orchestra Song Narnia Celebration
The Orchestra Song for Semester 2 Cycle 3

Violins- All
Clarinet- All
Violins (girls) and Clarinet (boys) together.
Trumpet - All
Horn - All
Drums - All
All together:
  Violins (JW and AK)
  Clarinet (TL)
  Trumpet (SL and EL)
  Horn (CL and MS)
  Drums (BW)

Refreshments and Clean up

How exciting!  Do your best, and we are proud of you all!