Sunday, October 30, 2011

Service Project: Sewing Stockings for Soldiers

Sewing Stockings for Soldiers

We have the opportunity to help the community in making 200 Christmas Stockings and 200 Handmade Christmas Cards for the Forgotten Soldiers Organization.  They will be stuffing Christmas Cards inside them.  

We encourage you to do them at home, with your children, or with fellow
sisters and neighbors to spread the joy of serving others.  :)

Final Collection on Sunday, November 27, 2011.
The size specs are:
The stockings are going to be 9 3/4 " tall by 5 1/2" wide at top and 8 1/4 " wide on the foot, give or take some. These dimensions are the size before sewing them.

Please make cards so they can fit inside stockings.

Let me know if you're able to help, and we'll look forward to your creations!
Happy Sewing!

Below is a sample of how to make a stocking.  It is just a suggestion...

If you need it... here is an Actual Pattern below.  You'll need to print out at 100%.  Tape together on line.  Then trace on an open manilla file folder or heavy duty card stock.  It's larger than an 8 1/2 x 11 page.

Ideas for some cards below:
Remember, to only include first name of children.  NO LAST NAMES.

You can also click on this image below to print out larger:

Click on the image below to enlarge.
Print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, and fold in half.  Write a message inside.

Click on image below to enlarge.
Print on 8 1/2 x 11, cut out & fold.

You can paste paper on the outside or design how you like.

These are great starters to a card.  Be sure to make it as personal as possible, as it may be the only card this soldier receives this year.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sample Emergency Care Authorization

Name of Child (children): ____________________________________________________________
I the undersigned give permission for caring for the above named Child(children) to
{Name of the person(s) who will be caring for the child}
Here is where I can be reached while away including phones and locations.
I hereby authorize the person(s) named above to sign for medical treatment of my child(ren)
between the following dates:
From: __________________ Until: ___________________

Parent Signature: ________________________ Date: ____________________
Witnessed By: ___________________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
Insurer: __________________________ Number: _______________________
Child's full name: _________________________________________________
Date of Birth: __________________ Date last Tetanus Shot: ______________________
Child is allergic to the following medications: _______________________________________ ( ) None
Child is taking the following medications: _________________________________________ _ ( ) None
Child is diabetic, has other chronic condition or major illness:
_____________________________________________________________________________ ( ) None
Name of primary care physician and phone number___________________________________________

Monday, October 10, 2011

Math Skip Counting Songs

These charts are helpful for seeing what you're counting.  Focus on one number a week, until you have mastery of it.

I got this one first.  We make fun of it at times, but it's still catchy.

I like these skip counting songs best, but the CD is about $30.  It covers history songs, latin, science, etc. Not just math songs.  However, it goes all the way up to 15x15.

Math YouTube Videos
This is a great website with videos of every math concept known to mankind.  :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Scripture Mastery Games & Mastery Sheet

Click on image to enlarge and print out on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Qtr.1, 2011-12

Qtr.2, 2011-12

Qtr.3, 2011-12

Qtr.4, 2011-12

Very cool website listed above that helps you memorize scriptures.
24 scriptures from the Old and New Testament:  King James Version.

For those who find the King James Version difficult to understand...
Remember, we're learning the language of the scriptures.  Just like a foreign language, getting use to biblical speaking is an important skill to acquire.  We will be learning John 1 in Latin this year.  There is power in knowledge.  It is worth the effort to know how to translate the scriptures ourselves.  Greek, Hebrew, and Latin were it's first languages.  Thee's and Thou's are a foreign language today that can be learned with practice.

The image above is also great to put in a binder for future reference... so you can have a Scripture Mastery Binder!

Craft Fair Fundraiser- Earns $1000!

We hosted a Craft Fundraiser for a friend of ours, and we earned exactly $1000!  Our goal!
It was definitely a miracle, and we were so blessed to witness it!

Here is the flyer that we made to announce the event.  We sold many items for $5, and some for more and some for less.  The best price that went were for the $3 to $5 range items.  We did it a few weeks before Valentines Day.  We also sold homemade bread loaves for $5, and bags of cookies and brownies for $5.  About 10 women worked diligently to pull this off.

Click below to see the items we sold.

Classical Conversations Essentials of the English Language- AT HOME!

So, the Essentials of the English Language through Classical Conversations is a great program.  It is best if you can be part of a group.  However, if you can't, you can still do it at home, and make your own group, or do it alone.  I've found that when you involve a couple more families, you stay more responsible to your goals, and you are more creative on how to inspire your students.  You don't need to know everything about grammar to teach grammar.  Be real, and let the kids know that you're learning with them.  Get a couple good grammar books as reference, and focus on a topic each week.  By the end of 24 weeks, you'll have memorized a lot of really great charts, and useful information.  Find a set of punctuation rules that you love... and memorize those too.

Make sure you let the other mom's know that they are responsible for really teaching grammar at home with their kids too.  When you meet together, you are reinforcing your decision to learn grammar, introduce a topic, and diagram a sentence or two.  Is it exactly what they do in the Essential's paid class?  I don't know... I've never been... but we've learned some great things doing it this way.  Especially me.  Before I thought I wasn't qualified to teach this subject.  Now, my 3rd year of teaching grammar myself, I have confidence, and my kids will forever benefit from my wealth of knowledge of the English language.  I still don't know everything, but I've realized that the answer sheets in the back of the book are there for a reason.  :)

I've listed the items below that we have used to make a successful Co-op.  By watching the DVD's, it has really helped us know how to teach the mastery sheets.  The key is memorizing the information.  The Classical method of learning.

Get your class organized: Once during the Summer.
Have all your materials, and we put your Student Mastery Binders Together.
Talk about expectations, etc.
Bring your sheet protectors & folders & file tabs.
Non-Refundable/ Non-Transferable Coping Fee of $20 / student per school year.

IEW & Grammar Class 2011-12

I have a few spots at my kitchen table... so I'd like to keep it small. 
7 kids.

Class starts:  Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 2:30 to 5 p.m.
Week 1 Aug. 23
Week 2 Aug. 30
Week 3 Sept. 6
Week 4 Sept. 13
Week 5 Sept. 20
Week 6 Sept. 27

Break Oct. 4

Week 7 Oct. 11
Week 8 Oct. 18
Week 9 Oct. 25
Week 10   Nov. 1
Week 11 Nov. 8
Week 12 Nov. 15

Break Nov. 22 thru Jan 3

Optional: Nov. 29 Christmas Assignment:  Write a story for a Christmas Gift.  IEW "Borrow a Conflict" Assignment.

Week 13 Jan 10, 2012
Week 14 Jan 17
Week 15 Jan 24

Break Jan 31

Week 16 Feb 7
Week 17 Feb 14
Week 18 Feb 21

Break Feb 28

Week 19 Mar 6
Week 20 Mar 13
Week 21 Mar 20

Break Mar 27

Week 22 Apr 3 
Week 23 Apr 10
Week 24 Apr 17 (Last Day of Class)

(I allowed for a few more breaks during the second semester, as that seems to be necessary in my household.  We're always ready to go great for the first half of the year, so I'm taking advantage of that momentum.  It will also allow us to flex a little more, due to unforeseen events.)

Class Layout:  2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays
45 min  IEW
20 min. Math Games 
10 min.  Break  (Bring a snack to each class)
45 min  Grammar

Here's your official shopping list for our IEW & Grammar Class in the fall.
Website where you can purchase materials:

or IEW Website.

I would like to meet once in the summer to make sure our Student Mastery Charts are ready to go.
I'm thinking August sometime.





TWO—3 Hole Pocket Folder
(The cheap ones, preferably different colors.)

Two- Ultra Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers.

One- Really cheap Spiral notebook, or composition notebook.
For Grammar notes, and IEW Compositions.
Not a huge notebook that will be lost or not in order when they need to find information.

And, since I'm listing everything...  
Don't forget a pen and pencil.  :)



Helpful for writing IEW papers at home.  
This book is the best Thesaurus I've seen.
Helpful for doing Grammar at home.
I am not teaching Grammar as much as it needs to be taught.
You will be responsible for teaching at home.
We will be memorizing charts & facts, and diagramming some sentences in class.

Our Mother Tongue - Answer Key ES016

If you don't have a spelling program, this is helpful.
This is for doing at home grammar work.

Great source, and you should be doing some type of dictation work every day at home.  One way to use grammar in a practical setting.  Any type of book like this is helpful.

CC Tour Essentials DVD
Item# ES003

You cannot buy the guide through their website if you're not officially enrolled in a class.  However, I bought the DVD, and found it very useful.  It shows you how to use the pdf's, and then you can use your own sentences from Our Mother Tongue to compliment the lesson.

Helpful Add-ons to print out.

These two 8 1/2 x 11 pages I made are to help memorizing sentence structures.
It can go along with CC Essentials, as well as IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing).

Click to enlarge:  IEW Sample Paper.  (8 1/2 x 11) 

IEW Sample Paper:
1.  Dress-ups are listed on the right.
2.  Sentence Starters are listed on the left.
3.  Each paragraph: Topic Sentence and Clincher reflection words highlighted.
4.  Not shown:  Introduce Subject (1st line of paper) and Final Clincher (last line of paper) reflection words in Bold.
5.  Nice to have:  Highlight your Final Clincher and Title reflection words.  Not shown above.

I still haven't figured out how they did this on the computer with the dress-ups and starters in the margins.  We just underline and highlight on the computer, and then add the notes in the margins by hand.

Photoshop & Design Tips

Helpful Tips & Links from Multi-Media Workshop

This was created by Jessica, Cosette, & Sydney during the first class last week in photoshop!  Ages 11 & 12.

Click on flyer to enlarge:
Copyright Image usage & Graphic Design Tips for Flyers & Posters

Copyrighted Images:
Ask permission to use them, upload the images yourself, or buy the images.

Royalty Free Images Websites:
All images are free.  Pay for larger sizes.  Login required.  

Some free images, or pay as you go images from .95 on up.  Login required.

Some free images, or pay as you go images from .20 on up.  Login required.

Free Background images   No login required.
Great for Powerpoint presentations.

When using Free Images:
Acknowledge the artist, as well as the website you got the image as a courtesy.

Church Images:
Gospel Library, Images Library,
New Gospel Art Book, Download

Web Searching:
Google images (
Advanced Search,  Size:  Larger than 640x480.
Use caution when using this tool.  Do not allow children to use.  Also, many of these images are not royalty free.  Email to ask permission to use them, especially if printing many copies.  Depends on what it is, but I have many give permission.

*Tip, search with the words “Royalty Free” included in your search. Online Tutorials:

They kept picking the wrong foreground/primary color, but it's still a good one.

This one makes brushed metal effects on text, something good because at least they write words on screen to describe what to do:

Poster Maps of Israel, Old Testament & New Testament

So, I made these posters from the back of my scriptures.  They're very useful, and very cheap to make.  The images are high quality, and you can make a tabloid size print very easily.  Tabloid size is 11x17.  I laminated mine too, and for less than $10 I had a great teaching tool for the Ancient Times, as well as all Old and New Testament Studies.

Bible Maps Link
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